My Igel is slow,…. Really?

This post is not so technical, but I think it can help to other people to save time and money like Igel does.

Who wants to have their employees complaining, creating support tickets, blaming IT guys?

If you work in the EUC world, for sure you have heard this before. In my case, we have all our Company End User

Devices working in Igel, from Desktops to Laptops and of course, Thin Clients.

When the lockdown started, most of our end users had their laptops and all of them were working from home with

Igel connecting to our Citrix Environment.

Then, the calls, the support tickets started to appear. Most of them, were about “My Desktop with Igel is Slow”.

We replaced all of our windows Laptops with Igel Laptops, so our employees were not used to have an Igel device.

At first, we were thinking about how we could manage it, because our main issue was that all the employees’

devices were working from home.

We needed something to have visibility between the Igel device and our Citrix Environment.

Then, we heard something about a plugin we could deploy and use with all our Igel devices.

The plugin was Remote DX from ControlUp , here you have a couple of main points about it:

  • This plugin has to be installed on the Endpoint, in our case, on our Igel devices.

  • It only works when you establish a connection with Citrix or Horizon, so don’t expect to see anything if you are not connected.

We deployed it with ICG (Igel Cloud Gateway), following these ControlUp steps.

We started to have visibility about what was happening…

At first sight, we discovered that the slowness problem was caused by connectivity issues at the endpoint, like bad Wifi Signal, bad latency, packet loss,…

We fixed most of them, thanks to this visibility. We see all the way, from the Endpoint to the VDI in our servers.

Here, we can see that all the way is good and our internet latency and Wifi Signal have right values.

But below, we have latency and the wifi signal has been degraded, so we can hope a call to our support center or

maybe a ticket.

Finally, we realized it is not an easy task to help users when they are at home with their weak wifi, or a bad internet provider, but I hope this can be so interesting and helping to you as it was to me.

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