Connecting Igel to Citrix

Since a long time I have wanted to write something about this “simple” thing. But , if this is the first time you are testing IGEL in your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops or CVAD (ex XenApp) environment I hope I can help you.

What we need, … the most important thing …


Yes, you need your rootCA.cer and your Intermediate.cer

certificates configure citrix igel

Now, you need to copy them into your IGEL device.

To to this task, you need to create a New File and be sure you choose SSL Certificate

certificate configure citrix igel

Now, you have to assign them to the devices or folders you want .

Next, we need to create the profile to connect to our Citrix VAD farm. I’m going to create a basic profile because you have a lot of options to use and I just want to show a quick guide.

configuring igel citrix profile
configuring igel with citrix

But, what if we don’t know this URL?

Then, we can connect to the Storefront Server directly and open the Storefront Console.

configure igel with citrix

Now, in Desktop Integration, we make an access to show it to the final user.

In this example we create one called Citrix in the user desktop

configuring citrix igel

So that’s all, with this basic configuration you should connect succesfully to Citrix

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