Igel + ControlUp v2

igel controlup

If you know ControlUP, a monitoring and managing tool and you are using it, I’m sure you will be happy with everything it gives you.

Then you are using Igel devices and you heard something about Igel+ControlUP, the first reaction is a kind of emotion, because both are great technologies.

So you wonder, how it will be? If you want to know it,…. keep reading.

In the last version 11.04.100, Igel has integrated ControlUp into the OS11, so we don’t need Custom Partitions anymore.


  • OS11 version 11.04.100
  • SSH must be enabled on the Igel devices.
  • This is a must: DNS resolutions of the Igel devices.
  • This profile must be applied to the Igel devices we want to monitor.

Now that we have upgraded to 11.04.100 we want to know more.

  • Go to ControlUp webpage and download a free demo from here.
  • Just unzip and run the exe from any computer with internet access.
  • Create your user account, see howto
  • ControlUp can monitor IGEL endpoints via the “Linux Data Collectors” feature.

We have to change one setting at the AGENT configuration.

Once, we have this setting modified we can continue with the configuration.

WARNING: “If we don’t change this setting, ControlUP console doesn’t allow you to add any Igel device.

Let’s create the Linux Data Collector:

Add a Name for the Data Collector “Igel_Data_Collector” and Add New credentials for the SSH session.

SSH must be enabled on the endpoints.
The restricted “user” account can be used but process disk metrics will not be displayed. We recommend using “root” to display all metrics

Click on OK at the Linux Data Collector window.

Now, we have the Linux Collector created, we need to add the Igel devices:

Click on our Igel_Data_Collector, and select Connection Settings

Click on “Add Machines” to add our Igel devices.

Add Igel device ip address and click on “Scan“. If everything goes ok, you will have the next screen.

WARNING: Be sure, your Igel Device is registered at DNS and you can resolve its name, or you will have an error about ssh can not connect.

If after clicking on Yes we have this screen, don’t worry.

Just click on Connect:

We have our ControlUp environment almost ready.

We have our Igel device connected to ControlUp and we can start seeing data from our Igel device, like CPU, Memory,…

If we double click on the machine’s name, we can see all the process running , and the details like the CPU, Memory usage in every process.

Now, let’s see what else we can get from ControlUp:

If we right click on machine’s name, we can get several Script Actions we can do from the ControlUp Console to the Igel device.

Let’s try the first one to see what can we get:

We get some details about our Igel device.

These are the actions we can do in the Igel device, everything from the ControlUp console, and I suppose they will add more actions.

But, this is not the end, ControlUp is not only a Console in real time, they have a Analysis and reporting tools called Insights.

Here you have all the info about your Igel devices CPU, even, the highest CPU usage process at the time slot you want.

Same for Memory usage.

Here, all our Igel devices with more info.

So, that’s all for now.

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