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Published by Daniel Ugarte 21 Feb 2019

Sometimes we have the need to show up the Citrix Connection Bar.

Citrix Connection Bar Igel Receiver
Citrix Connection Bar

UPDATED January 2021

Since my last post, this has changed, so this is the updated version.

  1. Create a new Profile, “Citrix Connection Bar”
  2. Go to “System –> Registry –> ica –> AllRegions –> connectionbar”
  3. Enable it.

That’s all

Comments (4)

  1. Hi, will the Citrix connection bar group multiple ICA sessions together making it easy to switch between them? Now, with the native IGEL connection bar on top. Users first have to minimize the session and select the other session they want from their task bar (if already launched).

    • Hi Peter, with Citrix Connection Bar, you can switch between different sessions, just push in SWITCH buttom and you have all them grouped.

  2. Hi @Daniel – as an FYI, you don’t need a script for this anymore. It’s in the IGEL registry. Go to: ica.allregions.connectionbar and set “Citrix Connection Bar” to ON. If I recall, this was added into IGELOS sometime back in 10.04 or 10.05.

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