Upgrading to OS11

We are going to upgrade from 10.x.x to OS11, to accomplish this task we need the following:

  • UDC3 version OS 10.05.700 or 10.05.800, you can download from here, or if you use the LX version here.
  • Last OS11 version from here. Today, the last public version is lxos_11.01.110
  • UMS 6.01.130 or higher.
  • The most important thing, Licenses.

We need to check if third-party devices are compatible with the OS11 here.

If you have IGEL devices, these are compatibles:

  • UD2-LX 40, UD2-LX 50
  • UD3-LX 51, UD3-LX 50
  • UD5-LX 50
  • UD6-LX 51
  • UD7-LX 10
  • UD9-LX Touch 41, UD9-LX 40

So now that we have all resources ready, let’s begin.

  1. Upgrade your device to 10.05.800 in the way you prefer.
  2. Create a new policy with the name “OS11 Upgrade

Remember to select –Based On– with the last firmware 10.05.700 or 10.05.800 or the option to Upgrade to OS11 won’t appear.

3. Edit the policy and look at this:

As you can see the Upgrade Option is not checked.

So we just activate this option.

We check “Upgrade Option”, and remember in having an OS11 license or you won’t be able to upgrade.

With these options checked you can Save you profile, unless… (keep reading until the end of the post)

There are several options to make the Upgrade, you can just assign this new profile and you will upgrade it as always in your environment.

Or, if you want an unattended upgrade, then you have to do these few more steps.

For unattended deployment:

Go to System > Remote Management and change these settings.

Basically, we are telling the device, no waiting to confirm the upgrade

There are several options you can activate

If you have errors, make sure you have the correct licenses, anyway, to make sure you have one of them, just follow these next steps.

Just go to this IGEL website, the portal license here.

Just add your device ID to the license pack

Now, just download your license file and upload to the UMS license

Reboot your device.

Now you are ready for the upgrade.

Just, assign your profile FIRST, very important step or you will have this error.

After assigning your profile, just assign the firmware as always.

If you don’t want to wait, just..


If you can not upgrade, you can use OS11 Upgrade Tool.

With this tool you can see if all you need for the upgrade is OK.

In this example we have not installed the license.

Now, it is ready for upgrading.

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